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Email Marketing Campaigns

Attracting leads through email campaigns is one of the most relied marketing techniques. When done right, it has the potential to be a lead magnet. It provides more opportunities for your business and gives you good ROI. Email marketing is a highly targeted technique, and hence derives better engagement and conversion from recipients.

All elements of an email marketing program need to work together to create captivating design, copy, and call to action. This way you can be assured to better open rates and higher level of interaction with new prospects.

With SEODRIVE.NET, you can expect a full-fledged email campaign to promote your product/service better. Right from creative design to strategic email distribution, you get highly professional services in email marketing with us.

Email Planning

We provide a clear and well-defined strategy for your next email marketing campaign. By identifying your audience and providing a related email content, you will have a better likelihood of conversion with this targeted approach. Get a great start to your email campaign with tactical planning from us at SEODrive. Right from design and content to scheduling and distribution you can rely on us

Email design

We take care of all elements like the subject line, the call to action, and the use of multimedia and graphics in the mail. We have served a number of industries in the past on large scale email marketing campaigns. We have the experience to design emails that evokes a response from the mail recipient.


Finding it time consuming to reach out to thousands of prospects? Let SEODRIVE.NET handle the email distribution with advanced distribution tools like Mail Chimp. We have a team of experts who can plug in a well-designed mail to the distribution application and schedule batch-wise delivery based on your target. Be it a massive list of thousands or a small group, our email distribution is just what you need to improve the ROI on your campaign with us.


Once the emails are sent you would need to know the various metrics to denote its performance. From mail open rates to click through rates, at SEODRIVE.NET, we provide a clear and transparent visibility about the performance of your email marketing campaign. No need to stay in the dark. We show you how your marketing dollars are utilized to bring in more qualified leads through email marketing

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