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Content marketing is widely renowned as the number one inbound marketing tactic. As compared to pushy sales ads, content marketing is known to get better engagement from digital users. Be it B2B or B2C, content marketing has proven to offer phenomenal ROI but at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

Content marketing is concerned with content production as well as tactical distribution. Content writing and copy writing are employed for fresh content production that your specific target market can understand and respond to. Similarly distribution too is strategically formulated. For example, if your product is about fashion, travel, or food, then a majority of your users are on Instagram or Pinterest (photo sharing sites). This way it ensures that your brand reaches where your audience is present.

We understand the importance of content marketing for your business generation objectives. As content marketing experts, we ensure the regular development of compelling and fresh content. We also share the content based on your audience profile. With our content marketing services, you can build a loyal audience for your brand and create an industry authority position in the market.

Content Planning

We first plan what messages to develop. For this we look at your line of your business, your products, your target customers, and your competition. An analysis shows us which keywords to target and how it should be shared for maximum interest from the readers. We find out trending topics to write on.

Content Creation

We are capable of content writing and copy writing for B2B and B2C. Once the keywords and trending topics are identified, we develop engaging and plagiarism-free content at regular intervals to improve your brand’s SEO. We then check the content for language, readability, grammar, and plagiarism, and edit accordingly.

Content Sharing

Once the content is ready, we schedule it for distribution as per our content plan. We spread the reach of the content and ensure that maximum people from your intended audience read it. We have a wide social media distribution to steadily build your website’s audience and provide better quality site traffic.

Content Performance Monitoring

You need to instantly know how the content marketing plan is performing. This lets you take appropriate action in case of delay or deviation from expected outcomes. We provide a comprehensive report of the content performance across various digital channels. This way you can optimize the content creation and distribution strategy as per the ongoing performance of content marketing.

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